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We offer several different investment options for a Boudoir Photography Session

We offer Boudoir photography packages at 4 different price points depending on how many images you want and how you want them. We are completely up front about our pricing and won't try to get you in the door with an absurdly low fee for your session and one 8 x 10 print and then spring a host of other options on you after your session.

With our packages you know exactly what you are getting before your session and what the final cost will be. Of course you always have the option to add extra images to your packages later if you want to, but we aren't going to spring thousands of dollars of upsell on you after what you thought was a 50 dollar session.

Packages start at $ 699  

We do offer a public safety and military discount of 15% if either of those apply.


Personalized service doesn't end at your shoot - during your image reveal session you get to pick the images you want and how you want them. Even though we do package options you still  get to choose your own images - we don't pick them for you - and you always have the option to get additional images or products during the reveal session if so choose.

The investment you make in yourself varies greatly by client - We try hard to have a range of options that will fit into most budgets - and we offer interest free no hassle financing if requested.

Contact us for more detailed information 

Financing Available !

One of the most common problems people face when deciding to do a boudoir shoot is the investment.  We realize a boudoir shoot is a luxury item, but that shouldn't keep you from the experience.


We want to be accessable to everyone. If finances are a concern for you we are happy to work with you to finance both your shoot fee and the package you want over the course of a year. Contact us for more information.