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Denver Boudoir Photography | The Revealed Team


 I got my start in boudoir photography very early. My very first job (at the whopping age of 13) was assisting a photographer in her boudoir photography studio.

It was my job to create the albums from the prints she had made. I spent the next 5 years looking at all the images she had created. I quickly fell in love with the idea of boudoir photography and how wonderful it made all of the clients feel. As it often does, life got in the way and I reluctantly tendered my resignation at the boudoir studio and pursued other career opportunities. In my time assisting that photographer, I learned to love the boudoir business and despite leaving the studio I secretly hoped to one day own my own studio. Almost 20 years passed – the dream of owning a studio still buried somewhere in the recesses of my mind, and then something amazing happened. Call it fate, destiny or whatever you are comfortable with, but the universe was determined to remind me of my dream. 

Out of almost nowhere, I met Jeff. Jeff was an aspiring landscape photographer at the time. Reluctantly, he eventually showed me his work and I knew immediately knew he had a unique gift. At the time, I didn’t know how profound that would be for us, but that’s getting ahead of myself. 

Fast forward three years – Jeff (with much needling and encouragement from his now wife) was a professional landscape photographer with a few awards under his belt. Despite his success, he couldn’t quite figure out how to “give away” his gift. 

He sat me down one night and asked me how he could make the world a better place with his photography. Holy goals Batman… really, my husband wants to change the world WITH A CAMERA?!? In spite of me being sure he had fallen off his rocker, we talked about it at length and it was at that moment that the universe reminded me of my adolescent dream. ​​​​​​​

Stephanie - Denver Boudoir Photographer

You see, I remembered a conversation that we had early on in our relationship. Jeff told me that if he could give me one gift and only one gift during his lifetime, the gift he would give me would be for me to see myself how he saw me- beautiful, sexy and exquisite. (Any question why I married him?) 

He didn’t know it yet, but I had solved his problem and rekindled an old dream in an instant. I asked him if he thought he could give that gift to other women with his camera. After he looked at me like a purple skinned three headed monster, he asked me to clarify.

My Boudoir Photography session photo

Like every woman, I have always felt self-conscious about my body. For as long as I can remember I was body shaming in one way or another – sometimes by well-meaning relatives, sometimes by boyfriends (who didn’t stay boyfriends long after that) and like every other woman out there – by society and the portrayal of what beauty looks like in our culture. It wasn’t until doing a boudoir shoot of my own (Yes tha's me over there) that I was able to recognize beauty in myself. While looking at the images, I wasn’t looking at my flaws, but my strengths. My thoughts were “wow! My butt looks amazing!” and “I have really nice boobs!” not “oh my god, I’m so fat”. Finally, I was seeing all of the things that my husband had been trying to tell me he loved all along!

Marrying my love of boudoir, Jeff’s amazing photography, Tirza’s incredible talent for hair and make-up, and the idea that every woman is beautiful and should feel that way… In that moment – Revealed Boudoir Photography was born!

My biggest dream – my wish upon a star if you will - is to erase all of the body shaming and self-doubt that women have endured. I want everyone to have the same experience that I did- have a surprisingly wonderful experience during her boudoir shoot and fall in love with herself all over again through her photos. 

I want to promote women loving their bodies – I want to be your biggest cheerleader! 

You are beautiful right NOW! Not 10 years ago, 10 pounds ago, or 2 babies ago… right NOW!