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Denver Boudoir Photography | The Revealed Team

Hi, I'm Jeff Zaffino and I'm the guy behind the camera and the co-owner, along with my wife Stephanie, here at Revealed.

How is it that a guy like me ends up shooting intimate portraiture? 

My photographic journey was a long one. You can read the origins of my passion for photography  here 

As an award winning professional landscape photographer, I began to try to identify the unique gift I could give to the world with my camera. That's a really tall order if you had any doubt. I mean one guy and a passion for photography actually changing the world?!? To me though, having a gift is worthless if it isn't used to make the world a better place.


Image of Denver Boudoir Photographer - Jeff Zaffino

While having a discussion with my wife and business partner Stephanie, about what my gift actually was; and more importantly, just how little ole me was going to change the world with it.  She reminded me of a conversation we had when we were first dating.  I told her that if I could give her one gift it would be to see herself as I saw her. For me, this was just a statement of my love for her. To her, it was something more... much more. It was a small gesture toward restoring her self-confidence and belief that she was indeed a beautiful treasure. I suppose ignorance is bliss because I never really understood what society says to women these days. I never grasped the ramifications or prevalence of body shaming. At least I didn't until she explained it all to me. I was horrified.

While this was a fond remembrance for us both - it left me wanting to do something to change the way women see themselves. To show them just how beautiful they really are. It was then that Stephanie asked me the question that led to the formation of Revealed Boudoir Photography.  It was a simple question but it was almost presented as a challenge. "Can you give a gift like that to other people with your camera ?"

Lightning struck, thunder clapped, the clouds parted and angels played harps.  My wife - the person who knows me better than I know myself sometimes, had just once again demonstrated her understanding of me and my soul.  It defined not only my gift but just how I was going to use it to indeed change the world.  ONE BEAUTIFUL WOMAN AT A TIME. It was in that instant that Revealed Boudoir Photography was born. 

Revealed isn't so much about revealing the body, although there is some element of that in a boudoir shoot. What Revealed is ALL about is simple.  We are all about showing you the beauty that has always been waiting to be Revealed.  

It is my honor to show you an image that is different than what you see in the mirror, with eyes society has blinded.