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Revealed Boudoir Photography

This is where we're supposed to say we are Denver's premier boudoir studio - but we aren't going to make the same claims everyone else does. In fact, that is exactly what sets Revealed Boudoir Photography apart.

We don't have any interest in booking "just another" boudoir shoot - We are interested in booking YOUR boudoir shoot.

We specialize in customizing our client's experiences.

You are not the same as everyone else, why should your shoot be the same?

At Revealed our team of experts will walk you through the entire process - and customize your shoot to YOU and YOUR unique personality.  

That's just the beginning - you see at Revealed your experience is SO much more than a customized photo shoot. It is more than pretty pictures. The experience is designed to empower you to see your true self. To build your confidence in the beautiful creature you are.

To be...  Revealed

Personalized Services


Preshoot Consultation via phone or facetime to get to know you and your expecations

Wardrobe Assitance - We use online tools so you can collaborate with our team to pick wardrobe, hair and make up that will look great on you AND on camera

Shopping Service - We have developed relationships with local stores to ensure you get what it is you are looking for - we will even shop with you if you want!

Hair and Makeup - are included in all of our shoots!

Personalilzed playlists - We will develop a playlist for you made up of your favorite music that will play during your shoot 

Image Selection - About two weeks after your shoot we will sit down with you and review your pictures - you decide which images you love

Product selection - They are your images YOU choose how you want them, and we'll walk you through that process too!

What People Say About Us...

“Revealed is the ONLY business I recommend to friends and family for boudoir photography. 

I wanted to take boudoir photos for a long time but was never confident enough to actually do it.  I had lost over 70 pounds and still didn’t feel good about myself, so when I was given the opportunity to work with Revealed owners, Jeff & Steph Zaffino, I very hesitantly obliged.  They communicated clearly through the entire process, making sure they knew what I wanted and I knew what to expect. Everything was customized to my personal preference (music, outfits, style, comfort, makeup, poses, etc.), making the experience 100% about me.  Despite my extreme discomfort, the professionalism and fun atmosphere eased me into an AMAZING shoot.

I am incredibly pleased with the photos; the service was fantastic; but the way I feel about myself… PRICELESS! 

Thank you, Revealed.”

Ms. D

Happy client

“I can't even put into words what an awesome experience I had with the Revealed team! Absolutely amazing from beginning to end. I've  never been so comfortable in less clothes! Jeff has an amazing gift, not just capturing your beauty, but making you feel good about yourself! 

 If you're thinking about boudoir


Ms. L

Happy client

"This day was such a blast!!! Not only do you feel sexy but you have a couple of great people to cheer you on and boost your self confidence.

Thank you Stephanie Zaffino and Jeff Zaffino for making me feel amazing!! I had such a fun time with you guys."

Ms. C

Happy client

" My entire experience was incredible, start to finish. The photographer, Jeff Zaffino, makes you feel so comfortable and good about yourself. He sets you up with a personal shopper to help you pick out the perfect outfits and a personalized playlist to make you feel sexy. 

I had been looking for the right photographer for months when I stumbled upon Revealed Boudoir Photography.

Just from the initial conversation I had with the co-owner, I was sold.

Best Boudoir Photographer in Denver, hands down!

If you're looking for a Boudoir Photographer in Denver, Jeff Zaffino is the man you NEED to talk to.

Have fun! Feel sexy! Get Revealed!”

Ms. T

Happy client

Frequently Asked Questions

Wait… The photographer is a guy?

Jeff is most certainly a guy, but don’t let that intimidate you. Jeff was an award-winning landscape photographer before he started shooting boudoir. (He still shoots the occasional landscape shot when he has time, but we keep him busy.) This background gives him a unique eye and an attention to detail and light that many photographers who only shoot people don’t possess. If that isn’t enough to convince you a guy behind the camera won’t compromise your shoot you’ve clearly never seen him demonstrate a pose. Still not a convinced? Jeff is assisted during all our shoots by his wife Stephanie and our hair and makeup artist is also present to assist throughout the shoot. Any minor adjustments to your wardrobe, hair or pose that Jeff can’t talk you through are handled by either Steph or Tirza – and even then, only with your permission.

With a name like “Revealed” do I have to be mostly naked to shoot?

This one makes us giggle when people ask it. Sure, boudoir photography is typically intimate in nature and frequently shot in lingerie so in that sense it is revealing at times. We shoot women in all kinds of outfits suited to their desire and personality. We’ve shot women in sweats and a pony tail – ok it was one woman and she didn’t stay that way long – but that was how SHE wanted her shoot to go. We chose the name “Revealed” not for the amount of skin showing, but rather for revealing that beauty that every woman has. No amount of sweatpants, pony-tails, or soccer mom duty will ever strip you of your beauty, but sadly, women often forget that they are truly beautiful. When we talk about “revealed” that’s what we mean – revealing the beauty you sometimes forget to notice in the mirror.

Do you ever shoot real women? The women on your website must all be models, right?

To be honest, we always take this question as a compliment… Every woman featured on our website is a real woman, not only literally, but figuratively as well. Believe it or not, those women looked at our portfolio (and it was similar if not identical to the one you see here now) and they asked us the exact same question. We are experts at what we do. We will assist you with wardrobe and control the lighting and pose you in such a way that you won’t be able to help but notice how beautiful you are.  We know how to make women of all shapes, sizes, and ages look amazing and we take great pride in helping them to rediscover the beauty they always have but often no longer see. Don’t believe us? Check out our before and after gallery!

I’m not as young/trim/fit as the girls in your portfolio/ I’m over my ideal weight – can you still get good images of me?

The short answer is YES we can – the long answer is the same as it was for the question above. Look at our before and after gallery.

Do I bring my own lingerie to the session or do you provide it?

We have a few accessory items we bring to the session, but your outfits are not provided by us - for sanitary reasons we don't want multiple people wearing the same intimate item over and over again. We will, however, help you obtain some gorgeous new pieces to bring with you to the shoot - we have online tools, personal shoppers, and relationships with several local vendors all of which is designed to get into something you will look amazing in and will fit your personality.

I want to do my own hair and makeup - will there be a discount?

Professional Hair and make-up are included complimentary in your session fee - While you are always welcome to do your own our professional knows what looks great on camera so we highly recommend you utilize her fabulous abilities. If you still would like to do your own, you are welcome to, however, we don't charge extra for the service and do not offer a discount if you choose not to take advantage of it.

Will my images end up on your website, social media etc.?


We do love it when women give us permission to post their images on our website – BUT IMAGES ARE NEVER posted without EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION, and even than the women in the pictures are never identified by name – we always use either some form of initial (IE. Ms. E or some other non-descript identifier). Some women are comfortable with anything they shoot going up on the website and/or social media, some women are only comfortable allowing us to use images that don’t have their face or any other identifiable mark (IE- tattoos) and some women are not comfortable with us sharing any images of them at all – You will have the option to sign a limited release, a full release or no release at all during your photo reveal session – we will ask you, but we will absolutely not pressure you one way or another. Occasionally we shoot behind the scenes video or pictures that we may ask you during your shoot if you are ok with us sharing on social media, but we will always ask you before it is posted.

I’m no model and I’ve never done anything like this before, will you help me?

ABSOLUTELY, we not only send a welcome packet with a lingerie guide in it after you book your session, we do a pre-shoot consultation and try to get to know you and your style. We utilize online tools to help you find the perfect look and we even have personal shoppers that will assist you to find the outfits that look fantastic on both you and on camera. We will help you select hair and makeup styles as well, and we will guide you through poses that show off your assets while minimizing your perceived problem areas. We will then sit down with you and show you the best 50-75 images from your shoot and help you narrow down the ones you love to fit into a package that fits your budget. We will be there with you throughout the entire journey from start to finish.

Where is your studio located?

When we say, it isn’t just another boudoir shoot, it’s YOUR boudoir shoot, we mean it. We have a lovely residential natural light studio we use sometimes, we have other photographers we’ve made arrangements with to let us use their studio, we shoot in hotels, Air B-N-B’s and when requested, we will even shoot in our client’s home. We try to find a location that matches your desires and personality to the best of our ability. This allows us much more flexibility than it would if we shot all our clients in one location.

Are digital images included in my package?

Your initial investment covers hair and makeup and the actual photo shoot. About two weeks after the photo shoot, we will sit down with you to select the images you want to purchase ala carte. All of our ala carte packages include digital images in one form or another.

I have cellulite/ stretch marks/ acne etc. can you edit that out of my images?

We will do minor touch ups to your images before your reveal session and final edits to the images you select during you reveal session. Our retouching policy is simple – if it’s something that will go away with time – IE a pimple – we will retouch that out – however, if it’s permanent – it stays – this includes tattoos. We do use a very slight skin softening technique on all our photos – no one wants to be able to count the pores in their face. But that is generally all we do. So many women think they need to be airbrushed and “liquefied” (the filter magazines use to change the body size and shape of their models) to be beautiful. The truth of the matter is you don’t need Photoshop to make you beautiful – you make you beautiful.

How far in advance should I book my shoot if I want my images for a certain date/ How long does it take from the shoot until I have my gorgeous shots in my hands?

We generally recommend booking your session about 8 weeks ahead of time. After the photo session, it is two weeks before we have your reveal session where you pick your images and how you would like them. After that, your product is customized however you ordered it. If you order an album, it will be laid out and sent to you for your approval and then submitted for printing. We can usually get photos in your hands faster than 8 weeks, but that’s a safe bet. If you need photos for a special event that is sooner than that – we will do our best to accommodate you if we can, but we can’t guarantee it. Be safe and book 8 weeks before you need your images.

Do you shoot nude/semi-nude images?

There is nothing more beautiful in our eyes than the female form. We do shoot nudes/semi nudes – BUT everything we shoot is done tastefully and artistically. A beautifully lit black and white/color image of a woman “au naturael” is well within our boundaries, but we aren’t penthouse. If you are looking for crotch shots or lying spread eagle on a bed with a ball in your mouth, we are not the studio for you. There are plenty of photographers out there that will take those kinds of images for you, but we aren’t one of them.